Julie Anne Smith’s Desperate Attempt to Defend her Perverse Behavior

Admittedly, Julie Anne Smith a master of false-light, half-truth, bold-lies, and slander, but nobody except her fellow reviling perverts are going to buy her justification of her perverse behavior and her online boasting of “corrupting” the kids, especially the Mormon kids of Richland, Washington’s High School Choir. Read her defense of her unconscionable behavior in bold print below, and then go back to Julie Anne Smith Boasts of “Corrupting” Public High School & Mormon Youth and reread Julie Anne and her friends’ actual twisted, juvenile banter.

HER DEFENSE: “I described my experience of taking Voodoo doughnut orders from the students. Voodoo Doughnut is a ‘famous’ doughnut shop in Portland.  I’m not a fan of the place.  I don’t get excited about ordering ‘cocks and balls’ doughnuts, nor do I get freaked out.  It’s a weird doughnut shop.   I think that trip was only my 2nd time, maybe 3rd there.  I’m not a doughnut person, but the weird Portland environment keeps the place hopping with locals and tourists.”

RESPONSE: The fame of the place does not excuse Julie Anne’s perverse behavior. Claiming not to be a fan of the place is no excuse for Julie Anne’s perverse behavior. Claiming “I don’t get excited” about ordering anatomically correct male genital, cream filled donuts for kids is not a good defense for Julie Anne’s perversion. Read her blog again; “funny story,” “Hilarious!!!,” and “roared at this” is awfully “excited.” Claiming that “it is a weird doughnut shop” is just a mitigating LIE when it is donut shop that sells pornographically named, anatomically correct, cream filled, male genital donuts; pentagram donuts, and gay bar donuts. Claiming that she has only been there once or twice before doesn’t diminish the perverse nature of her behavior, but it does prove that she was fully aware that Voodoo Doughnuts is famous for selling pornographic, homosexual, satanic donuts. Claiming that she is “not a doughnut person” and then blaming the “weird Portland environment” is no excuse for Julie Anne’s perverse, “inappropriate,” “corrupting” moral assault of other people’s children. The entire paragraph is a stack of lies and half truths attempting to mitigate, diminish, or excuse the appalling behavior of a professing Christian woman who was supposed to be chaperoning a high school choir, not corrupting them. If a perverted pastor did the exact same thing with a group of kids entrusted to his care on a trip out of town, Julie Anne would be crying out for his pastoral blood and for a criminal investigation.

HER DEFENSE: “The students had been talking about going to this place for a while (on previous trips, too).”  

RESPONSE: Blame the students, good Julie Anne, blame the kids for your perverse acts and your subsequent internet boasting of the fun of corrupting other people’s children, Mormon children. When Julie Anne originally told her “funny and true story” she came up with the Voodoo Doughnut idea, she knew the name was “inappropriate” and she thought it was “hilarious” to coax the Mormon kids into saying the pornographic name.

HER ORIGINAL WORDS: “I knew the kids would love some VooDoo doughnuts, so while they were swimming, I was taking their orders.  It was actually quite hilarious because some of the names of the doughnuts are inappropriate to say out loud to Mrs. Smith aka Choir Mom.  A lot of the kids are Mormons and I had to tell them:   “Just say the word.  You’re not going to get in trouble.  I want to make sure I get your order correct (one name = cock ‘n balls and yes, that’s what it looks like, no joke).”

HER DEFENSE: “In his blog article, he’s making it sound like I intentionally corrupted poor Mormon children and he feels sorry for them.  Go check out Sermon Audio and you’ll see how he really feels about Mormons.  Why does he sympathize with Mormon children in this post?”

RESPONSE: Please do go to sermon audio and you will see that I am a Bible believing Christian pastor who loves Mormons and believes they need to embrace the genuine Biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course I sympathize with Mormon kids and all the other kids being corrupted by Julie Anne Smith’s perverse actions. Of course I sympathize with Mormon kids becoming the butt of Julie Anne Smith and her perverse friends’ online banter. Of course I sympathize with any group of kids being coaxed into perverse behavior by an adult entrusted with their care.

HER DEFENSE: “…There is no abuse by ordering a doughnut with a weird name.  No student was forced to order anything.  No student was forced to say anything.  No student even went to the doughnut shop.”

RESPONSE: It isn’t a “weird” donut with a “weird” name. It is a pornographically named, anatomically correct, cream filled, male genital donut. The students were not forced to order/say anything, but she boasted online of publicly pressuring the Mormon kids to say the pornographic term that they clearly were not morally comfortable with. That was the big joke with Julie Anne and her perverse friends. That is a fact. No, the students didn’t go to the shop, Julie Anne went and bought them their pornographic donuts to eat in front of each other. Those are the disgusting facts.

HER DEFENSE: “He tells the story that  I claimed to “corrupt” the kids (I’m not posting the link to his Impostor Blog here, you’ll have to find it from his tweets.)  Not so. Read the context. It was sarcasm and that corrupt word came from my long-time reader, Recovering Pharisee. She was joking.  This was approved by the director/teacher – – he ordered his own donut and helped me with ordering and distributing, too.”

RESPONSE: Reread her “funny and true story” of how she “roared” and how “Hilarious!!!” it all was, especially the corruption of the Mormon kids. Julie Anne writes, “I roared at this:  So funny to imagine the homeschool, choir mom taking VooDoo orders for PUBLIC school kids  , corrupting them, and being interviewed for standing up to a church leader. Hilarious!!!” Recovering Pharisee’s joke was the REAL corruption that Julie Anne called her “funny and true story.” Julie Anne attempts to spread the blame for her perverse behavior to the director/teacher, and rightly so, but I doubt he got online and boasted about “corrupting” Mormon kids, making them the butt of the big perverse joke. However, the teacher clearly should have been reprimanded.

HER DEFENSE: “…He also has a personal issue with Ed Chapman, calling him names like ‘pervert.’”

RESPONSE: I don’t have a personal issue with Ed Chapman, he has a personal issue with perversion. Read what Ed Chapman wrote, “JA, why does it have to be chocolate frosting… is it a huge donut?  LOL” And Julie Anne’s perverse response, “Ed, that one is pretty big. LOL The kids had a great time with me reading off their orders, too :)  I think that trip turned the tide as far as them liking me.” YES, Julie Anne and Ed Chapman are perverts. That’s a fact. Go back and read the entire conversation and the comment section below at: Julie Anne Smith Boasts of “Corrupting” Public High School & Mormon Youth.

*Julie Anne Smith’s lying attempt to mitigate, diminish, and excuse her perverse delight in corrupting kids, especially the Mormon kids can be found here: http://spiritualsoundingboard.com/2013/08/27/pastor-chuck-oneal-tries-to-save-his-reputation-by-using-twitter-and-his-bffs/

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