Julie Anne Smith’s Apostasy has Germinated -she doesn’t want to be associated with genuine Christianity

Julie Anne Smith has long been engaged in slandering Christ’s Church; Christ’s pastors; Christ’s evangelists; even Christ’s creation scientists, like Ken Ham (SEE:Accuser of the Brethren). She has simultaneously aligned herself with atheists, abortion supporters, feminists, LGBT, and antinomians of one flavor or another (SEE: Julie Anne Partners with LGBT & Abortion Activists).  What does this mean? It means that Julie Anne is at war with Christ and His Gospel, not just the men that serve Christ and preach His Gospel. In the following comment from her own blog she makes her position of apostasy quite clear. Julie Anne outright says that she doesn’t want to be associated with genuine Christianity. She doesn’t want to be associated with the type of Christianity that believes the Gospel, and rejects salvation through sacrament. Indeed, for Julie Anne, the true Gospel is “unbelievable,” narrow minded, and bigoted. JAS -broad road apostasy

Kathi is Julie Anne’s friend and blogging partner. She facilitates what they consider to be a weekly Sunday worship service on Julie Anne’s blog. Julie Anne posted this comment from Kathi showing their tragic lack of commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and openness, even preference, to Roman Catholic blessings, priests, and church:

JAS -church redefined 2In this last comment  you see that they think “a whole lot of church has happened” on Julie Anne’s blog dedicated to redefining and undermining the Church and the Gospel. They believe church to be the sharing of “Story-glue.” Not the story of Christ. Not the story of the Bible. Just the sharing of life stories. Not with other believers necessarily, but with non-believers, atheists, etc. That’s church for Julie Anne and her followers.

The comment ends with a punch: “getting outside those walls, and dialoging with others who I was taught were the enemies of Christ…Catholics, liberals, gays, & on & on has only opened my heart to the beauty of our flawed & messy humanity.” That’s the anti-Church, anti-Gospel definition of “church” on Julie Anne’s blog. It is clear that they have rejected the Lord Jesus, His Church, and His Gospel.

JAS -church redefined

Julie Anne has worked hard to show that she is an enemy of Christ’s true Church and His true Gospel. She’s a friend of the Roman Catholic Church, their sacraments, their priests, and their false-gospel of works righteousnes. She’s a friend of the LGBT church and their repentance free, born again free, Lordship of Christ free, false-gospel that allows men and women to make a profession of faith in Christ while living in what the Bible calls perversion and unnatural lust. Julie Anne sums it up pretty well here:

JAS -aligns herself with atheists lgbt etc

May the Lord protect His Church from the division and strife Julie Anne continually fosters. May the Lord grant her and her followers repentance and saving faith.

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