Apostate “Abuse” Bloggers -apostasy, abuse, & blogging are a dangerous mix


APOSTATE: Men and women who support abortion, the murder of millions of unborn babies, aren’t Christians. Men and women who support Planned Parenthood, the world’s foremost baby slaughtering institution, aren’t Christians. Men and women who encourage life and soul ABORTION APOSTASYdestroying LGBT sin aren’t Christians. Men and women who support gay marriage and sex-change operations aren’t Christians. Christians confess and follow Jesus Christ as their LORD. Men and women who claim to be Christians while simultaneously encouraging and supporting murder and perversion, are apostate. They are rebels against the Lord Jesus Christ, not followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. They have proven themselves to be false converts. They have left the faith. They are not born again from above. They have nothing of the Spirit of God or the fruit of the spirit. They have no love for the millions of babies that LGBT APOSTASYare perishing. They have no genuine love for the men and women perishing in their LGBT sins. They have no genuine love for Christ, who “came into this world to save sinners” (1 Tim. 3:15). They have no genuine love for God. They are enemies of God, and enemies of the Gospel. They are dead in their sins, and will abide forever under God’s wrath, unless by the grace of God, they come to authentic, Spirit empowered, repentance and faith.

1 cor 6-9-11 picture

ABUSE: Genuine abuse is a terrible thing. There are few things that our corrupt culture still finds worthy of collective moral outrage, abuse is one of them. That said, there are men and women who use “abuse” as their weapon of choice against God, against the Gospel of Jesus Christ, against the Bible, and against any church or pastor that proclaims the Word of God and Gospel of Jesus Christ faithfully. abuse stop signThese Apostate Abuse Bloggers find  abuse under every rock. They find the Biblical design of marriage (one man and one woman) to be abusive. They find loving unborn babies and seeking to rescue them from being murdered and ripped limb from limb to be abusive. They find the Biblical definition of sexual immorality (fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lesbian, etc.) and seeking to rescue sexually immoral men and women from their sins through the ministry of the Gospel to be abusive. They find Biblical counsel on how to deal with a child that “comes out” as a homosexual to be abusive. You can find Apostate Abuse Bloggers crying out against the evils of young earth creationism abuse, promise/purity ring abuse, church discipline abuse, long sermon abuse, complementarian design abuse, and a multitude of other imagined “abuses.” Essentially, anything they disagree with or anyone that disagrees with them is “abusive.” It also must be noted where Apostate Abuse Bloggers don’t find abuse. They don’t find the murder and dismemberment of millions babies to be abusive, in fact, they support it. They don’t find encouraging men, women, and youth to engage in soul damning LGBT sin to be abusive, in fact, they support it. They aren’t Christian abuse advocates. They’re haters of God, haters of unborn babies, and haters of LGBT men, women, and youth’s souls.

BLOGGERS: Slanderous “abuse” accusations are like stones, they’re cheap, easy to come by, require no real skill to throw at your enemy, and yet they’re very effective. Julie Anne Smith, R.L. Stollar, and their Apostate Abuse Blogger friends regularly carry out public stonings on their blogs and social media sites. StoningThey gather an internet crowd through their blogs and social media, they incite moral outrage, and then hurl their “abuse” accusations. For Apostate Abuse Bloggers, “abuse” is the weapon of choice, and it’s a powerful weapon. Very few are willing to stand against their assaults, because nobody wants to look like they support abuse, and nobody wants the Apostate Abuse Bloggers to throw their “abuse” accusations at them, their family, their church, or their ministry. Most will stand by silently watching, hoping they don’t get noticed, while the Apostate Abuse Bloggers stone their next Biblical victim; while they encourage the murder and dismemberment of babies; or while they help damn another precious LGBT soul, claiming they can be LGBT and Christian too. Some adopt a compromised “If you can’t beat-em, join-em” strategy, and go as far as affirming the Apostate Abuse Bloggers, saying, “They serve a purpose.” To date, there has been no concerted, Biblical effort to defend Christ’s Church from this growing apostasy.  The movement is growing. The rock piles are growing. The Apostate Abuse Bloggers press on with growing zeal and influence, using “abuse” to stone Biblical men, women, pastors, churches, denominations, and ministries, but make no mistake, the real target of their stonings is God. It is their apostasy that drives their blogging on, not the plight of the abused. Their energy and passion flows from their rebellion against their Creator, who dared to tell them and all of sinful mankind “NO!” They are haters of God, raging against God, and hurling their rocks toward God’s omnipotent throne in Heaven.

haters of God

Julie Anne Smith is a leading Apostate Abuse Blogger, her apostasy is self-evident. Many of those she regularly works with to defame Christ’s Church are LGBT and  abortion activists. Ryan L. Stollar is the co-founder of the Homeschoolers Anonymous blog/project. He’s one of Julie Anne’s close Apostate Abuse Blogger partners and friends.

You can tell a lot about someone by who their apostate friends are. Julie Anne Smith makes the top of R. L. Stollar’s Homeschoolers Anonymous “Blog Partners” list. Be sure to note the open apostasy of Libby Anne, the second Blog Partner on the list:

JL Stollar -JAS blog partner along with apostate atheist feminist

Julie Anne Smith expresses her respect and tearful affection for R.L Stollar (aka “Ry”) and his work on Twitter. It’s no wonder she’s at the top of his Blog Partner list:

RL Stollar -fav Julie Anne Smith -so moved

RL Stollar -fav Julie Anne Smith -so loved Ry

You can tell a lot about someone by what they tweet and “favorite” on Twitter.

“A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” (Luke 6:45)

How did Julie Anne Smith’s friend respond to the horrific videos of babies being murdered and parted out for cash? R.L. Stollar came to the DEFENSE of PLANNED PARENTHOOD, declaring that they are “fully compliant” with state laws:

RL Stollar -planned parenthood

R.L. Stollar “favorites” a woman claiming PLANNED PARENTHOOD has prevented more abortions than Christians, and boasting that she donated money to the most prolific baby murdering institution on the planet.

RL Stollar -fav Planned Parenthood prevents more abortions than you do

RL Stollar -fav donation to Planned Parenthood

R.L. Stollar’s twitter account is full of bold LGBT APOSTASY, pro-LGBT propaganda, and pro-LGBT MARRIAGE tweets:

RL Stollar -homeschoolers anon LGBT promo RL Stollar -church abusing LGBT kids RL Stollar -celebrating LGBT youth RL Stollar -LGBT two guys hugging RL Stollar -Liberty University hires first open gay person

Just like his friend Julie Anne Smith, R.L. Stollar has an axe to grind with Pastor John MacArthur regarding his counsel on dealing with kids who “come out” as homosexuals. Stollar and Smith also share the distinction of using the cult term “shun” to disparage Biblical churches exercising church discipline:

RL Stollar -shun gay kids -John MacArthur

Julie Anne’s Apostate Abuse Blogger partner and friend has a long “favorite” list of pro-LGBT propaganda, pro-LGBT MARRIAGE, pro-SEX CHANGE SURGERY, pro-LESBIAN CHILDREN’S PASTOR tweets:

RL Stollar -fav gofundme for sex change

RL Stollar -fav LGBT marriage -with flag

RL Stollar -fav of Caitlyn Jenner -welcome to the world -HUGE

RL Stollar -fav Bruce Jenner sex change vanity fair cover picture

RL Stollar -fav thank god im not straight

RL Stollar -fav LGBT promo tweet

RL Stollar -fav LGBT equated with race

RL Stollar -Matthew Vines -gay Christian

RL Stollar -fav lesbian pastor and wife

RL Stollar -fav transgender priest with collar picture

RL Stollar -fav transgender Christian

RL Stollar -fav asexual porn star interview

RL Stollar -fav homosexual dating Matthew Vines

R.L. Stollar is an Apostate Abuse Blogger. He supports abortion and homosexuality. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a shock that he doesn’t like the Apostle Paul. He tweets and “favorites” anti-APOSTLE PAUL tweets that claim the Apostle Paul was a “cult-leader”: 

RL Stollar -Paul the cult leader

R.L. Stollar “favorites” pro-LGBT/anti-GOSPEL tweets! As Jeff Isaiah lovingly engaged Mr. Cruz with Gospel truth, R.L. Stollar stood with Mr. Cruz against the Gospel, actively helping to damn the man’s soul. R.L. Stollar simultaneously acted as the enemy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and of Mr. Cruz’s soul:

RL Stollar -fav anti-gospel tweet -as Jeff Isaiah is sharing gospel RL Stollar -fav anti-gospel tweet -as Jeff Isaiah is sharing gospel 2

Just like his friend Julie Anne Smith, R.L. Stollar’s end goal is to lead you, your children, and your grandchildren into old fashioned soul damning APOSTASY, or the newly fashioned equally damning LGBT APOSTASY that is sweeping the church:

RL Stollar -fav radical LGBT agenda -purpose is to create a world where your grandchildren are ashamed of you

APOSTATE ABUSE BLOGGERS LOVE WHAT GOD HATES: While all of Christendom is rightly horrified and crying out against Planned Parenthood for their cruel murder of millions of unborn babies and their unconscionable act of parting out ABORTION APOSTASYbabies for cash, R.L. Stollar “favorites” donations being made to Planned Parenthood. While all of Christendom is rightly praying and preaching about the LGBT movement undermining Biblical marriage and the Gospel message that LGBT men and women desperately need for salvation, R.L. Stollar “favorites” every kind of LGBT propaganda, perversion, and Gospel undermining heresy imaginable. LGBT APOSTASYR.L. Stollar’s apostasy is self-evident, just like his Apostate Abuse Blogger partner and friend, Julie Anne Smith. Their “favorite” things, the things they love, are things that God hates. They have no love for God, no love for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, no love for the unborn who are being slaughtered daily, and no love for men and women destroying their lives and souls in LGBT sin.

APOSTATE ABUSE BLOGGERS HELP DAMNS SOULS: In the following string of 5 comments from Julie Anne Smith’s blog, a young woman (tremblingcourage) identifies herself as “gay” and estranged from her family, who she says is steeped in a fundamentalist cult. Julie Anne’s adult daughter, Hannah Smith (Phoenixtatgirl), who has rejected Christ and embraced a life of sin, supports (tremblingcourage) in her plight as a “gay” woman who is estranged from her family. Hannah also speaks of having to block her father (Steve Smith, Julie Anne’s husband) from all her social media because he hasn’t apostasized like her mother has. A third woman (Michaela) also supports (tremblingcourage) in her sexual immorality, and goes on to talk of her own terrible former church that didn’t accept “gays.” Julie Anne tells (tremblingcourage) that she’s “touched” and glad that she was encouraged. The final comment closes with (tremblingcourage) thanking them all for Helltheir kind words. The only problem is that there was no kindness and no love in any of their words. Their kind and loving words were encouraging her down the road to Hell. Supporting a young woman in her rebellion against God is hatred of her precious life and soul. Supporting a young woman in her rebellion against what are probably good Christian parents (probably not fundamentalist, cult, abusive, nut jobs), is hatred toward her parents, her siblings, and her precious life and soul. Julie Anne joined with Hannah in common support of this young woman embracing lesbian perversion. This isn’t love on Julie Anne’s part, it’s open hatred of the “gay” young woman and her own daughter. Genuine love calls all men and women, all young men and young women, and all boys and girls to repent of sin, and confess Jesus Christ as Lord for salvation. Supporting sin, celebrating sin, or ignoring sin, and refusing to call sinners to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ…is hate, not love.

“[Love] does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth.” -1 Cor. 13:6

These next five comments from Julie Anne Smith’s blog reveal the eternal consequences of allowing Apostate Abuse Bloggers to go unchallenged. They are laboring to undermine the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they are actively laboring to damn souls, and they are having success:

trembling courage gay gal 2
*NOTE: Above, Phoenixtatgirl (Julie Anne Smith’s apostate daughter) is encouraging another apostate rebellious daughter to press on in her soul damning LGBT apostasy, and lamenting that her father (Steve Smith) is blocked from all her social media, because he hasn’t adjusted his views (apostasized) like her and her mother yet. Tragedy upon tragedy. An apostate daughter encouraging another apostate daughter to continue in apostasy, while hoping dad will one day be apostate too.

trembling courage gay gal 1 trembling courage gay gal 3 trembling courage gay gal 4 trembling courage gay gal 5

Here, Julie Anne Smith celebrates her “beautiful,” “freeing” transition into LGBT APOSTASY:

JAS -LGBT compromise

In this final comment, in good Apostate Abuse Blogger form, Julie Anne Smith brazenly embraces the fact that she aligns herself with atheists, LGBT, and abortionists, while attacking Biblical pastors, churches, and ministries across America

JAS -aligns herself with atheists lgbt etc


A FINAL WORD ON THE “ABUSE” THESE PEOPLE BLOG ABOUT: While more often than not, they are filling the internet with spurious, unsubstantiated accusations, it is an undeniable fact that sometimes Apostate Abuse Bloggers write blogs on real abuse. However, as apostate enemies of God, when they report on actual abuse their motives and methods are not without guile. They gleefully twist and use the stories of human tragedy for their end goal of defaming God, the Gospel, the Bible, the Church, and Biblical pastors. Further yet, they use the tragic stories of real abuse to build their credibility and to add legitimacy to their endless and destructive “abuse” fabrications. As a manifestation of their intense love of self, they glory in being heroes and champions for the the abused, but the actual truth is they are using the abused and abuse (real and fabricated) as their weapon against the God they hate. Apostate rebellion against the God they hate is what drives them, not love for the abused.

apostate wolf

May the Lord protect His Church, unborn babies, the LGBT community, and lost sinners everywhere from the unholy war that these Apostate Abuse Bloggers are waging against God, His Son, His Gospel, and His Church. May the Lord protect the abused from their abusers with real champions in the form of mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, pastors, and authorities that actually know them and their situations. May the Lord protect the abused from those who would further abuse them by using them and their tragic stories in their apostate war against God, His Son, His Gospel, and His Church. May the Lord grant R.L. Stollar and his Apostate Abuse Blogger partner and friend, Julie Anne Smith, repentance and saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

“But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! 6 For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, 7 always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 8 Now as Jannes and Jambres resisted Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, disapproved concerning the faith; 9 but they will progress no further, for their folly will be manifest to all, as theirs also was.” (2 Tim. 3:1-9, NKJV)

Defending Mothers, Children, and the Church Through Legal Means

Why were Julie Anne Smith, Meaghan Varela, and three others taken to court? Over nine years ago a man was fired from his position at Beaverton Grace Bible Church after repeatedly expressing his divisive accusation that the pastor “doesn’t preach Christ, doesn’t preach the Gospel, and doesn’t preach the whole counsel of God,” and then taking the church splitting action of seeking to gather two deacons and a layman to stand with him against the pastor and elders. Julie Anne Smith, Meaghan Varela, and their husbands were close family friends with the man who was fired. The Smith’s came to the church with him, and the Varela’s son was dating his daughter. Since the time of his termination (for the last 9 yrs.) his vindictive friends have been engaged in a house to house, church to church, and World Wide Web assault of criminal slander; showing their willingness to harm children, to harm wives, to harm the church, and to harm the testimony of Christ’s Gospel. Through vicious false criminal reports they have repeatedly used the police and the Department of Human Services (Child Protection) as weapons of their malice to try and destroy a Gospel preaching church, pastor, and families they hate. These people have proven themselves to be enemies of Christ and His Gospel and to be friends of Roman Catholicism’s soul damning system of sacraments, the LGBT movement, and pro-choice abortion activists.

Thankfully, as a result of our legal action and exposing their relentless assault on our families, the dangerous escalation of criminal slander has largely come to an end. Not only that, but the escalation of hatred and harassment of our church and the pastor’s family has ceased. The church hasn’t been broken into again. Meaghan Varela hasn’t been caught parked behind the church at night again. No more equipment has been stolen from the church office. Tim and Meaghan Varela haven’t dumped any more pianos in the street in front of the pastor’s home when they know his family is away at church campout. Tim and Meaghan Varela have ceased to harass young ladies at their place of employment, attempting to get them fired. No more cars have been vandalized. No more cars have been stolen and dumped. No one else’s home has been broken into with the family sleeping inside. Etc, etc, etc…

It was and is our firm conviction that the legal action designed to protect our families and the ongoing ministry of the Gospel was entirely appropriate in our unusual circumstances and in keeping with the Law of God in Deuteronomy 19:16-21 as well as the wisdom and instruction of Proverbs 25:8. The ministry of the local church and the Gospel cannot continue to be hindered by criminal slander. Families cannot continue to be threatened by malicious criminal allegations and hateful acts. Families cannot continue to be divided and tortured by criminal allegations and other slanders. Taking legal action should never be a knee jerk reaction, or something pursued out of bitterness or greed. However, there are unusual and terrible situations where an individual or group of individuals are behaving in such a hateful and harmful manner that it must be addressed legally in order to stop, or attempt to stop, the destructive behavior and protect families.

If a false witness rises against any man to testify against him of wrongdoing, 17 then both men in the controversy shall stand before the Lord , before the priests and the judges who serve in those days. (YOU HAVE THE GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO FACE YOUR ACCUSER) 18 And the judges shall make careful inquiry, and indeed, if the witness is a false witness, who has testified falsely against his brother, (BECAUSE BEING A FALSE WITNESS IS A CRIME BEFORE GOD) 19 then you shall do to him as he thought to have done to his brother; so you shall put away the evil from among you. (BECAUSE BEING A FALSE WITNESS, PERVERTING JUSTICE, AND USING THE JUSTICE SYSTEM AS YOUR VINDICTIVE WEAPON IS EVIL) 20 And those who remain shall hear and fear, and hereafter they shall not again commit such evil among you. 21 Your eye shall not pity: life shall be for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot.” –Deuteronomy 19:16-21

It is a testimony to God’s grace that one of the five individuals taken to court has repented before God and men. He has totally ceased reviling. He has cut off all ties with Julie Anne Smith, Meaghan Varela, and their partners. He has genuinely repented of being part of their destructive behavior. He has publicly called them to cease their slander. He has come before Beaverton Grace Bible Church asking forgiveness. He has received forgiveness. He has now been in fellowship with us for over five years. Beautiful fruits of repentance and reconciliation continue to be seen every year. It is our prayer that others will yet come to repentance in a similar manner. It is our further prayer that their spokeswoman, Julie Anne Smith, will repent of her rejection of Biblical Christianity, her maligning of Biblical men and ministries everywhere, and of her LGBT apostasy.

Proverbs 25:8 says, “Do not go hastily to court.” In no way did BGBC go hastily to court. Quite to the contrary…we suffered long. Nevertheless, There are some who believe 1 Corinthians 6:1-6 forbids the legal defense of our families and church altogether. To be clear, the context is specific to legal action against Christians. After three and a half long years of malicious false criminal accusations and evident apostasy, we had no reason to believe any of those involved were Christians. Therefore, after years of suffering a great many injuries we attempted to use lawful means to protect our families and church from escalating false criminal accusations and escalating hateful criminal acts. We stand by our lawful attempt to protect our families without apology.

We stand in good company with Matthew Henry, Albert Barnes, and John Calvin (see below). If you disagree with these long trusted commentators regarding the unfortunate, rare, but very real necessity of lawsuits to stop evil doers, please disagree humbly until you have experienced your wife, your children, and the families of your congregation suffering year after year under relentless blows of criminal slander in your community and on the World Wide Web. If you disagree, you really should disagree mildly in light of the fact that these are three (Henry, Barnes, Calvin) of the Bible interpreters that virtually every sound Christian, Bible student, Bible teacher, expository preacher, and pastor look to and quote on regular occasion to aid them in understanding and communicating the truth of God’s Word. Please consider the following quotes:

“Here is at least an intimation that they went to law for trivial matters, things of little value; for the apostle blames them that they did not suffer wrong rather than go to law (v. 7), which must be understood of matters not very important. In matters of great damage to ourselves or families, we may use lawful means to right ourselves. We are not bound to sit down and suffer the injury tamely, without stirring for our own relief; but, in matters of small consequence, it is better to put up with the wrong. Christians should be of a forgiving temper. And it is more for their ease and honor to suffer small injuries and inconveniences than seem to be contentious.”

“Where a Christian is injured in his person, character, or property, he has a right to seek redress. Courts, are instituted for the protection and defense of the innocent and the peaceable against the fraudulent, the wicked, and the violent. And a Christian owes it to his country, to his family, and to himself, that the man who has injured him should receive the proper punishment. The peace and welfare of the community demand it. If a man murders my wife or child, I owe it to the laws and to my country, to justice and to God, to endeavor to have the law enforced. So if a man robs my property, or injures my character, I may owe it to OTHERS as well as to myself that the law in such a case should be executed, and the rights of others also be secured.”

“As for those who strictly condemn all legal contentions, let them realize that they therewith repudiate God’s holy ordinance, and one of the class of gifts that can be clean to the clean [Titus 1:15], unless, perchance, they wish to accuse Paul of a shameful act, since he both repelled the slanders of his accusers, exposing at the same time their craft and malice [Acts 24:12 ff.], and in court claimed for himself the privilege of Roman citizenship [Acts 16:37; 22:1, 25], and, when there was need, appealed from the unjust judge to the judgment seat of Caesar [Acts 25:10-11]… Such men should therefore understand that lawsuits are permissible if rightly used. There is right use, both for the plaintiff in suing and for the accused in defending himself, if the defendant presents himself on the appointed day and with such exception, as he can, defends himself without bitterness, but only with this intent, to defend what is his by right, and if on the other hand, the plaintiff, undeservedly oppressed either in his person or in his property, puts himself in the care of the magistrate, makes his complaint, and seeks what is fair and good.”

Julie Anne Smith Maligns John MacArthur & Grace Community Church

Julie Anne Smith is an enemy of all things and people that are Biblical. Thus, it’s not a shock to find her riling up her antinomian, atheist, LGBT friends and followers with an article critical of Pastor John MacArthur’s Biblical, timely, and excellent counsel on how to deal with a child that announces he or she is LGBT. After riling up her friends, she posted a series of their slanderous comments on her blog. The worst of the bunch accused Pastor MacArthur of  teaching Gnosticism, lying about God’s word, outright blaspheming God’s word, and then goes on to say: “Which is worse Mr. MacArthur, being a homosexual or one who lies about God’s Word? Your arrogance is disgusting.” The comment ends with a disturbing bang, stating that Pastor MacArthur will be handed over to Satan, and that the “smirk” will be removed from his face on Judgment Day:

JAS -John MacArthur having smirk on face wiped off on judgment day

Later, in the same series of comments, Julie Anne jumps from Pastor MacArthur’s counsel on how parents should deal with children who “come out” as LGBT, to the tragic suicide death of Kenneth Nally, and the subsequent lawsuit against Grace Community Church. This is how Julie Anne works:

JAS -John MacArthur suicide 2

Here, Julie Anne lays blame for Kenneth Nally’s suicide squarely at Pastor MacArthur’s feet, asking one reader if he was “aware of the young man who committed suicide under JMac’s watch…?”

JAS -John MacArthur suicide

In another article on her blog, Julie Anne maligned the Shepherds’ Conference, Pastor John MacArthur, and Grace Community Church in one fell swoop. Following her slanderous lead, her friends and followers poured it on in her blog comments. Julie Anne posted a particularly ugly comment from someone by the name of Larry. The comment is highly critical of Phil Johnson (head of Grace to You & a GCC elder), and grossly disparages GCC and the Shepherds’ Conference with a disgusting allusion to John MacArthur being a pile of poop and the conference attenders being flies attracted to the poop . This is the kind of filth Julie Anne takes great delight in putting on the World Wide Web: “Nonetheless, Johnny Mac is responsible, IMO, for the idiots who flock towards him. Flies are attracted to poop.”

JAS -JM poop that fies are attracted to

I’ve been blessed to take a group of men to the Shepherds’ Conference for the last 15 years. I’ve been blessed to take both of my sons. Pastor MacArthur is the Charles Spurgeon of our day. The conference is the finest and most edifying pastor’s conference on the planet. The loving hospitality of GCC is unsurpassed. The Biblical preaching and teaching are ministry and life transforming. The worship is soul stirring. And Julie Anne Smith posts this comment describing the men who attend the conference as flies and Pastor John MacArthur as poop. Her blogs and twitter feed are full of these kinds of disparaging, slanderous remarks. She labors long and hard, using up her precious life, maligning Biblical churches, ministries, and men across the United States. May the Lord grant her repentance and saving faith.

Julie Anne Smith Boasts of “Corrupting” Public High School & Mormon Youth

Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.-Ephes. 5:11

Slander-blogging is Julie Anne Smith’s full-time hobby. She partners with apostate LGBT and abortion activists to malign Biblical men and ministries coast to coast, all across America. As the old adage goes, “even broken clocks are right twice a day.” Sometimes, Julie Anne finds true stories of legitimate abuse of power, position, or perversion. Most of the time, she is busy fabricating stories of abuse against Biblical pastors, ministry leaders, churches, and ministries. Julie Anne’s “true story” is about donuts, but not just any donuts.

The perverse donut that made Voodoo Doughnut famous

This “true story” comes from the comment section of Julie Anne Smith’s blog post titled, Indoctrinating Your Children with Doctrine. While Julie Anne stands firmly against you indoctrinating your children with Biblical doctrine as you see fit, she publicly boasts that she finds it “Hilarious!!!” to indoctrinate other people’s children with perversion, without their knowledge or permission while playing the role of an “adult” chaperone for a high school choir from Richland, Washington. Worse yet, according to Julie Anne, “corrupting” the Mormon children that were entrusted to her supervision was even more “Hilarious!!!” The Mormon children are the punch line of her filthy joke.

JAS -julie anne picture
Julie Anne Smith, pianist, choir mom, twitter alias @DefendTheSheep

Julie Anne Smith recently shared with her internet following what she called a “funny and true story.” What was the “funny and true story?” It is the story of a trusted “Christian” choir pianist who goes by the title “Mrs. Smith” (approximately 50 years old) who was traveling with the public high school choir that she plays the piano for. While on their trip the high school boys and girls went swimming in the hotel pool. Sitting poolside, while watching the kids in their swimsuits, the trusted “Christian” pianist was suddenly struck with the idea that the kids should experience Portland’s premier perverse donut shop. This is no regular mom and pop donut shop. These are not the donuts you eat while fellowshipping after church. At Voodoo Doughnuts they sell satanic pentagram donuts, homosexual gay bar donuts, and cream filled anatomically correct male genital donuts that are named after the most pornographic slang term for that portion of the male anatomy, Cock-N-Balls. Out of the overflow of a perverse heart, the “Christian” pianist decided to spice up the trip for the public high school group of boys and girls. The pianist later bragged that she thought it was “Hilarious!!!” to force the kids to say the “inappropriate” pornographic name of this disgusting donut as they ordered. What makes the situation even worse is that this trusted “Christian” pianist told her internet followers that it was especially funny to coax the students into using the pornographic term since “a lot of the kids are Mormons.” The pianist boasted to her friends of pressuring the kids to “just say the word,” assuring them that they were “not going to get in trouble” for saying “Cock-N-Balls” in front of the other boys and girls, and the “Christian” pianist/chaperone.

This is a “Cock-N-Balls” donut from Voodoo Doughnut, Portland’s pagan, perverse, LGBT promoting, satanic donut shop. This is the donut that Julie Anne bought for the choir kids and coaxed them into asking for by name.

Julie Anne Smith shared the whole perverse story with all her internet pals on a public forum. After reading her so-called “funny and true story” of corrupting the high school kids and Mormon kids, Julie Anne’s regular commenters glibly chimed in. One morally bankrupt commenter wrote, “So funny to imagine the home school, choir mom taking VooDoo orders for PUBLIC school kids, corrupting them, and being interviewed for standing up to a church leader.” Julie Anne’s response to that comment was to restate it, and then say that she “Roared at this… Hilarious!!!” Ed Chapman, a particularly perverse friend and internet follower of Julie Anne’s, asked her about the anatomically correct male genital donut; “why does it have to be chocolate frosting…it is a huge donut? LOL.” Julie Anne responded to his perversion with her own, “Ed, that one is pretty big. LOL. The kids had a great time with me reading off their orders, too.” Another friend asked Julie Anne, “Can you say ‘EEE-VILL’? as you stick your finger in your cheek and twist it?” My guess is that she can, and that she does every time she sits at her computer to attack another Biblical pastor, church, or ministry with her incessant “abuse” slander.

Don’t miss the reality of what took place. Julie Anne says that she and the kids had a “great time with [her] reading off their orders.” The “Christian” pianist, chaperoning a public school choir, read off each boy or girl’s name followed by the name of the donut, “Cock-N-Balls.” If that was big fun, no doubt, Julie Anne’s biggest fun was when the kids actually ate the perverse donuts in front of each other. The the whole disgusting scene was orchestrated by Julie Anne Smith.

JAS -donuts 2

The significant moral problems associated with Julie Anne’s conduct and her boasting about it on the internet should be obvious. When the parents entrusted their children to the care of the public school approved “Christian” pianist, I don’t believe they had any expectation that she would involve them in her “Hilarious!!!” perversion and then brag about “corrupting them” on her blog. This behavior is NOT in keeping with the parental trust that was afforded her, and can’t be in keeping with public high school policy. If a pastor or a male ministry leader did what Julie Anne boasts of doing, she would denounce him in the strongest terms possible as a perverted abuser and her internet lynch mob would get the rope.

Consider Julie Anne Smith’s GROSS HYPOCRISY. She and her slander-blog followers make it their business to find and/or create scandal, perversion, and abuse in every Biblical ministry and in every Biblical pastor’s life. To disagree with them theologically is “spiritual abuse.” Teaching a literal account of Genesis (Young Earth Creationism) is “intellectual/spiritual abuse.” Tithing is “financial/spiritual abuse.” Church discipline is “spiritual rape.” Biblical parenting (loving corporal discipline) is “emotional/physical/spiritual abuse.” Expressing concerns (wrong or right) about the pill causing abortions is “spiritual abuse.” The concept of a loving father giving his daughter a purity ring is attacked as “spiritual incest.” Julie Anne and her friends accuse an African-American father, who gave his daughter a purity ring (from the popular Gospel proclaiming movie, Courageous) of displaying and encouraging “SPIRITUAL INCEST.” That is the sick nature and method of master slanderers; take something beautiful and make it a disgusting, perverse accusation. That is Julie Anne Smith’s standard operating procedure. Her HYPOCRISY KNOWS NO BOUNDS in that her actions and internet banter are truly scandalous and perverse, and she boasts of it on the internet to the world.

What if we changed the gender of the pianist and the pornographic donut? If a male pianist coaxed the choir kids into ordering and saying the perverse name of an anatomically correct female genital cream filled donut there would be cries for his head, his job, his position, perhaps even legal action, and rightly so. Julie Anne would light the torches, hand out the pitchforks and lead the charge herself. Indignant parents would say, “Can you believe that this so-called ‘Christian’ pervert went on to brag about what he had done to these high school kids and those Mormon kids on the World Wide Web?” Questions would be asked. What should be done about this man’s perverse behavior? How should the public high school deal with the pianist? How should the parents of these choir students respond to this situation? What should the parents of the Mormon children and the local Mormon leadership do in order to assure that this sort of thing doesn’t happen to their children again? Assuming that this so-called “Christian” pianist attends church, how should his pastor deal with this? Statements would be made. This is completely unacceptable behavior for any man, but it is gross hypocrisy for a professing Christian family man to do this.

Is it any different because it is a woman pianist that goes by the title “Mrs. Smith” and not a male pianist called “Mr. Smith?” NO, IT ISN’T. Is it any different because the cream filled donut depicted male genitals rather than female genitals? NO, IT ISN’T. A “Christian” home schooling choir mom coaxing public high school kids (Mormon or otherwise) into perversion isn’t a “funny and true story.” It isn’t “funny” at all, but it is Julie Anne Smith’s “true story” of her own perverse behavior.

When the perverse banter died down, Julie Anne closed with this, “The genuineness that is shown here and the love – it blows me away.  I think this is what is missing in so many churches. I wish everyone could experience it.” There was no genuine love shown to the high school students (Mormon or otherwise). 1 Cor. 13:6 says that genuine love “does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth.”

The pictures below show the disgusting pornographic nature of what Julie Anne Smith introduced to the choir kids, and had the boys and girls eating together. There are plenty of pictures online of people eating Julie Anne’s pornographic donut, but as you can understand, pictures of people actually eating the donut are too disgusting and perverse to put up. I can’t imagine any parent (Christian, Mormon, or otherwise) being pleased that Julie Anne spiced up the choir trip with this filth.


Gay Bar & Pentagram
Gay Bar & Pentagram
JAS -donut gay bar
Gay Bar

JAS -donuts 1

*The comments below came from Julie Anne Smith’s blog: Indoctrinating Your Children with Doctrine:

  • RP – Funny and true story.  The day before my lawsuit story got into the media, I was in Portland for a choir trip (I play piano for the high school choir here).  I knew the kids would love some VooDoo doughnuts, so while they were swimming, I was taking their orders.  It was actually quite hilarious because some of the names of the doughnuts are inappropriate to say out loud to Mrs. Smith aka Choir Mom.  A lot of the kids are Mormons and I had to tell them:   “Just say the word.  You’re not going to get in trouble.  I want to make sure I get your order correct (one name = cock ‘n balls and yes, that’s what it looks like, no joke).”  http://voodoodoughnut.com/doughnuts.html

    Anyway, during the process of taking VooDoo Doughnut orders, I dropped my cell phone in the pool.  I tried to save it by putting it in rice, didn’t work.  So the next day when we were competing at the choir festival, because I had no phone, I got surprised by seeing KATU news standing outside waiting for me to come out of the concert hall.  (They had sleuthed around and found Hannah’s # and she told them where I was.)  That interview was taken right after the concert with a ton of the high school kids watching and wondering why Mrs. Smith was being interviewed – lol.  The report went on the 11 o’clock news and the rest is history – it went crazy viral, over that weekend going all around the world.  So there’s my VooDoo/No cell phone/Interview story of how it all began :)

    Here’s the interview. You can probably see kids choir kids in the background.

    Eric – My daughter has Nationals for volleyball in Dallas.

  • LOVE that story! True confessions, as a Portland native, I have never been to VooDoo. Not a huge sweets person, and I have that feisty, ” if it’s too popular among visitors it’s no longer true Portland” mentality (although that same logic doesn’t keep me away from Powell’s).

    So funny to imagine the homeschool, choir mom taking VooDoo orders for PUBLIC school kids ;) , corrupting them, and being interviewed for standing up to a church leader.

  • For whatever reason, as long as I’ve been following this blog, I have not taken the time to watch the interview until now. Dang, Julie Anne, you were so calm and firm. Majorly impressed! Must be the VooDoo doughnuts effect.

  • RP:  I roared at this:  So funny to imagine the homeschool, choir mom taking VooDoo orders for PUBLIC school kids  , corrupting them, and being interviewed for standing up to a church leader.   Hilarious!!!

    I think that is only the 1st or 2nd time I’ve been.  I’m not a doughnut lover, in fact I didn’t end up with one bec they shorted us one by accident and so I gave it to a kid.  No loss to me whatsoever.

    I just listened to the Sarah Groves video.  Wow – so beautiful.  ::tears:::

    Ed, that one is pretty big. LOL The kids had a great time with me reading off their orders, too :)     I think that trip turned the tide as far as them liking me.  I wonder if it was the VooDoo dougnuts :)

    Eric, I would love to meet you!   We’ll be in touch.

    Gary – Love your 8:24 comment.  Wait a minute – are you saying that my phone was Calvinist?

    I’ve been in bed with a funky back today which has given me more computer time.  This has been such fun.  I have met the best people in the world through this experience.  The genuineness that is shown here and the love – it blows me away.  I think this is what is missing in so many churches.  I wish everyone could experience it.

Julie Anne’s use of her blog Indoctrinating Your Children with Doctrine to broadcast to her community the so-called “funny and true story” of coaxing other people’s children to say and do disgusting things that they would see as perverse is NOT genuine love. Callously boasting on the World Wide Web of “corrupting” children entrusted to your care by a public high school and their parents is NOT genuine love. Pressuring Mormon kids to say and do that which their conscience clearly told them was morally repugnant is NOT genuine love. Publically making the corruption of Mormon kids the punch line of your “Hilarious!!!” “funny and true story” is NOT genuine love.

Take note of what Julie Anne roars at: “I roared at this:  So funny to imagine the homeschool, choir mom taking VooDoo orders for PUBLIC school kids, corrupting them, and being interviewed for standing up to a church leader. Hilarious!!!” Julie Anne comes fresh from corrupting public school kids, to begin her media campaign against Beaverton Grace Bible Church. She contacted the press, she repeatedly offered herself for interviews, and she boldly lied in her interviews while standing in front of a bus load of kids she won over to “liking” her through perversion.

“Corrupting” other people’s children (Mormon and otherwise) without their parents’ knowledge, while away from home on a choir trip and then bragging about how “Hilarious!!!” it was online is indeed “EEE-VILL.” What “Mrs. Smith aka Choir Mom” did was to abuse her position of adult authority and influence, because she thought it would be fun to introduce perversion into a high school choir trip away from home and that it would help the kids to like her. Then “Mrs. Smith aka Choir Mom” boasted to her followers online about her “inappropriate” and “Hilarious!!!” success in “corrupting” the choir kids, especially the Mormon ones. Then she stood before a news camera in front of the whole bus load of kids and lied to the press and the world about a church and a pastor. That is NOT Christian. That is NOT motherly. That is NOT loving. That is NOT even ADULT, except in the perverse sense of the word. BUT it is Julie Anne Smith’s “TRUE STORY.” May the Lord grant her repentance.

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, -Rom. 1:28-30

Julie Anne Smith’s Apostasy has Germinated -she doesn’t want to be associated with genuine Christianity

Julie Anne Smith has long been engaged in slandering Christ’s Church; Christ’s pastors; Christ’s evangelists; even Christ’s creation scientists, like Ken Ham (SEE:Accuser of the Brethren). She has simultaneously aligned herself with atheists, abortion supporters, feminists, LGBT, and antinomians of one flavor or another (SEE: Julie Anne Partners with LGBT & Abortion Activists).  What does this mean? It means that Julie Anne is at war with Christ and His Gospel, not just the men that serve Christ and preach His Gospel. In the following comment from her own blog she makes her position of apostasy quite clear. Julie Anne outright says that she doesn’t want to be associated with genuine Christianity. She doesn’t want to be associated with the type of Christianity that believes the Gospel, and rejects salvation through sacrament. Indeed, for Julie Anne, the true Gospel is “unbelievable,” narrow minded, and bigoted. JAS -broad road apostasy

Kathi is Julie Anne’s friend and blogging partner. She facilitates what they consider to be a weekly Sunday worship service on Julie Anne’s blog. Julie Anne posted this comment from Kathi showing their tragic lack of commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and openness, even preference, to Roman Catholic blessings, priests, and church:

JAS -church redefined 2In this last comment  you see that they think “a whole lot of church has happened” on Julie Anne’s blog dedicated to redefining and undermining the Church and the Gospel. They believe church to be the sharing of “Story-glue.” Not the story of Christ. Not the story of the Bible. Just the sharing of life stories. Not with other believers necessarily, but with non-believers, atheists, etc. That’s church for Julie Anne and her followers.

The comment ends with a punch: “getting outside those walls, and dialoging with others who I was taught were the enemies of Christ…Catholics, liberals, gays, & on & on has only opened my heart to the beauty of our flawed & messy humanity.” That’s the anti-Church, anti-Gospel definition of “church” on Julie Anne’s blog. It is clear that they have rejected the Lord Jesus, His Church, and His Gospel.

JAS -church redefined

Julie Anne has worked hard to show that she is an enemy of Christ’s true Church and His true Gospel. She’s a friend of the Roman Catholic Church, their sacraments, their priests, and their false-gospel of works righteousnes. She’s a friend of the LGBT church and their repentance free, born again free, Lordship of Christ free, false-gospel that allows men and women to make a profession of faith in Christ while living in what the Bible calls perversion and unnatural lust. Julie Anne sums it up pretty well here:

JAS -aligns herself with atheists lgbt etc

May the Lord protect His Church from the division and strife Julie Anne continually fosters. May the Lord grant her and her followers repentance and saving faith.

Julie Anne Smith -Tearing Down Her Own House

house torn down

JAS -julie anne picture
This is Julie Anne Smith at her sober best. See her “selfie” at the bottom of the page and you’ll see a woman drunk and giddy in her slander.

Julie Anne Smith has a dangerous obsession with tearing down Biblical men and ministries. She’s displayed a twisted joy in perverting and corrupting other people’s children, brazenly bragging about tearing down the morality of high school kids entrusted to her care. Over time it has become clear that her true goal is to tear down Biblical Christianity.   A brief look at Julie Anne’s words, behavior, partnerships, and associations will firmly establish that she’s an enemy of the Gospel and Christ’s Church at large.  This fact should be obvious from a casual read of her blog for anyone sound in the faith. 

Julie Anne is all in. She’s totally committed to her cause. There’s no price too great to pay. To further her assault on Biblical Christianity she’s tearing down her own house and her own daughter’s soul. There’s nobody that she won’t use to further her “spiritual abuse” war. She plays an excellent victim, and thrives on the attention she receives. Julie Anne’s learned that she gets even more attention and sympathy when she makes her daughter Hannah the victim. Julie Anne has been telling her lies about her daughter’s “spiritual abuse” for many years. She’s told her story in multiple blogs and countless comments and tweets. She’s used her daughter as a weapon for far too long. The free pass is over. 

Just below, you’ll find Julie Anne’s most recent lies regarding her daughter Hannah. Don’t miss how she ties it all together. She starts with the heart wrenching story of a man beating a 19 year old to death during a counseling session “triggering” her motherly heart to remember her old pastor. Like a raging shooter on a college campus, it only took Julie Anne 14 minutes to throw one “abuse” grenade and then shoot off a whole magazine of life destroying, ministry destroying, “abuse” lies:

Hannah lie -story of 19 yr old beaten to death in counselling is triggering for me Hannah lie -2 min. later she says Chuck OBeal had hours-long counseling sessions Hannah lie -4 min later held hannah against her will

Hannah lie -6 min later -it worked...look at all the sympathy favorites
TAKE NOTE: Julie Anne’s “abuse” lies have immediate effect. She receives ten sympathetic favorites from people who can’t possibly know if she’s telling the truth, or lying. Others tweeted notes of sympathy. Some retweeted her “abuse” accusations. Some join her in saying, “that was a crime!” Julie Anne’s “abuse” accusations inevitably lead to accusations of crimes. She and her methods are effective and dangerous. Julie Anne says, “Chuck O’Neal could have destroyed my relationship with my daughter.” It was her daughter’s rejection of Christ and embrace of sin that put their relationship at risk, and it was Julie Anne’s choice to follow her daughter into apostasy that has allowed them to unite in attacking Biblical Christianity (more on that in another blog).
Hannah lie -5 min later -told to take her stuff
ABOVE: Julie Anne’s “spiritual abuse” fabrications graduate to accusations of illegal behavior. You also see Julie Anne assuring her sympathetic reader of the validity of her accusations, however what you’ll find as you keep reading is that Julie Anne’s own words and those of her husband will provide ample proof that she is a gifted and brazen liar.
Hannah lie
ABOVE: Julie Anne tells her daughter that she was “smarter than everyone” else for not drinking the KoolAid. Hannah didn’t flee an abusive church because she was smarter than everybody else and had an aversion to KoolAid. Hannah was always a rebellious child (her own testimony); she went to a secular college; met an older, mysterious, dark man; under his tutelage she embraced evolution, she rejected Christ, and then chose a life of sin. She has an aversion to Christ. The “pastor made me do it” fabrication came later, under her mother’s careful guidance.

Julie Anne’s final blog post for 2014, The Lingering Pain of Spiritual Abuse, contains one of her most thorough renditions of her sympathy engendering lies regarding Hannah. The article also provides an excellent example of the glaring disparity between many of the “spiritual abuse” stories on her blog and actual reality. We’ll take a look at Julie Anne’s “Lingering Pain” blog piece by piece in the light of her own historic words and those of her husband. Julie Anne and Steve Smith’s own historic emails are going to show that Julie Anne is presently lying.

Here’s the first chunk of Julie Anne’s fabrication:

JAS -Hannah lies 1The “actual truth is” Hannah new full well why she was moving out and so did Julie Anne. Hannah moved out of her parents’ home to pursue a lifestyle of sin. Hannah denied the faith because she was never in the faith. Hannah was nearly 20 years old when she and her family came to the church, and she had just turned 21 when she left. According to Hannah’s own account: she was always rebellious, when she went to a secular college her unregenerate heart stumbled upon Carbon 14 dating and the lie of Darwinian Evolution, that led to a denial of Christ, and that opened the door for the sinful lifestyle she desired.

The 2013 version of Hannah’s story is found on Julie Anne’s website (Ken Ham, Young Earth Creationism, Young People Abandoning Their Faith: My Daughter’s Story). It must Ken Ham picbe pointed out that Pastor Chuck and Beaverton Grace Bible Church are not even mentioned in the 2013 article. Julie Anne will use her “daughter’s story” as she sees fit to attack the target of the day (apparently it was Ken Ham’s day). The 2015 version of Hannah’s story is over on R.L. Stollar’s Homeshoolers Anonymous website (The Wave Crashes -Hannah’s Story).  Don’t miss the significance of where Hannah’s later story is posted on the internet. R.L. Stollar is theologically and morally bankrupt; he’s Julie Anne’s friend and blogging partner; he’s also an outspoken LGBT apostasy activist and Planned Parenthood supporter. Hannah’s own account of her leaving her home is radically different from Julie Anne’s revisionist history. What won’t you find in Hannah’s account? You won’t find any mention of Beaverton Grace Bible Church being a “hell hole of spiritual destruction” that drove her away from God and out of her parents’ home. What you find is a record of Hannah departing from the faith like many early 20 somethings do in America. The revision of history took time and her mother’s narcissistic need to perpetuate and advance her sympathy engendering role as a victim of “spiritual abuse.” While Hannah’s account isn’t entirely accurate, it’s a significantly more honest version than whhouse torn downat Julie Anne manufactured. When Hannah came of age she rejected Christ and chose a lifestyle of sin. This is a tragic story, but not an unusual story. What’s far more tragic is Julie Anne’s tearing down of her own house and her tearing down of her own daughter’s soul, as she joins with Hannah in her apostasy, encouraging another young woman to reject her faith and embrace a lesbian lifestyle (more on that at the end of this article).

Julie Anne now says the man Hannah met at college, who was facilitating her departure from the faith, was of “questionable character” and merely held to a “different belief.” She tells the tale of a pastor going high and to the right, because Hannah was merely “communicating with a guy who holds a different belief.” She closes that paragraph with the question, “Who does that?” The truthful answer to Julie Anne’s question is, “Nobody did that!” Historically, Julie Anne claimed that the man was into “evil stuff” and she was duly alarmed and often wept openly about the influence he was exercising over her daughter (see Julie Anne’s email below). The man was significantly older than Hannah; he was divorced; he claimed his wife was stalking him; he was openly and deeply into porn; he was possibly producing porn; and he was actively seeking Hannah -Jon self portraitto undermine Hannah’s faith and morality. Did Mom and Dad see the man as a threat to their daughter? Absolutely, and that is what they communicated loud and clear to their pastor, continually asking for help in rescuing their daughter from his influence. His internet journal website address (http://loonman.livejournal.com/) was sent to Pastor O’Neal by a deeply worried mother (Julie Anne) over seven years ago. While much of it has been erased, it remains good evidence as to why Hannah’s parents were concerned for their daughter.

In her blog, Julie Anne says that she and her husband were trying to “control” Hannah’s contact with this man. Every responsible parent (Christian, atheist, agnostic, Muslim, Mormon, Jew, pagan, or undecided) would try to steer their daughter clear of a man like Jon. They asked their daughter to cease contact with the man. What Julie Anne’s blog doesn’t record is that Hannah continued to interact with the man online, talk to him on her cell phone, and see him at college against her mother and father’s wishes. She was a legal adult, but like many Christian and non-Christian homes, there was the reasonable expectation that if you’re going to live under mom and dad’s roof and eat at their table, you’re going to follow their rules. When Julie Anne and Steve found out that Hannah was secretly still in contact with him, and saw that Hannah was continuing to be negatively influenced, they went to their pastor and asked for help because they were concerned about their daughter’s physical and spiritual well-being. They didn’t just come once, they came often, with alarm, and many times with tears.

The counsel Pastor O’Neal gave the Smith’s is the same counsel he would give today. He stands by it without apology. Parents aren’t obligated to provide a cell phone or a car to their children (adult or minor). Parents aren’t obligated to provide a college education. Those are blessings, not necessities. Furthermore, at no time should any parent provide a cell phone or a car for a child (adult or minor) so that they can use those blessings as a curse to go down a path of spiritual, moral, and/or physical destruction. This is basic counsel that many parents, pastors, and even secular counselors would give. Hannah was a grown adult that could ultimately do as she wanted, but that didn’t obligate her parents to pay for what they believed would be used to bring her harm (phone, car, college, etc.). Julie Anne’s revision of history takes sound counsel and twists it into a defamatory accusation of a brutish pastor telling her to “isolate” and hold her daughter “hostage.” That’s Julie Anne’s inflammatory methodology. That’s Julie Anne’s high drama. Drama designed to gain attention and sympathy. It’s nonsense, but it’s dangerous, criminal charge, nonsense that works! That’s exactly where Julie Anne and her beguiled, sympathetic supporter went in the recent twitter exchange recorded above: “That’s illegal right? False imprisonment?”

Julie Anne’s fabricated depiction of Hannah being “forced into a meeting without any choice” is yet another twisting of the truth designed to further her “spiritual abuse” victim narrative. Steve and Julie Anne were rightly attempting to help their daughter. The meeting involved Hannah’s mother and father, her pastor, and one or two of her close friends all lovingly exhorting her to see the self destructive direction she was heading in and to turn back. Hannah was a willing participant. The meeting was an exchange of heartfelt concerns and Gospel exhortation. Initially, Hannah’s response was excellent (see Steve’s email below). The parental, pastoral, and Biblical goal was to have Hannah break off contact with a potentially dangerous and significantly older man who was working to undermine her faith and morality, and to simultaneously encourage her to be in the Scriptures, as “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God” (Rom. 10:17). When you read her father’s email below you will find that Julie Anne’s rewrite of history is obvious.

The following emails from Julie Anne and Steve Smith show Julie Anne’s blog post to be a prime example her regular methodology of half truths and bold lies:
JAS -Looney strikes again

JAS -Steve to Hannah email

You can see from Steve’s January 21st email how very well things went in the first meeting with Hannah. You can also see that Pastor Chuck lovingly sought to rescue a wondering “sheep” with her parents and at her parents’ request. Pastor Chuck met with Steve and Julie Anne many times for prayer and counsel. They exchanged many phone calls. The pastor also met with Jon, the porn loving, pagan man who had gained such sway over Hannah’s heart and mind and led her away from the Lord. They had a great conversation that included the Gospel and exhortations for him as an older man to cease his involvement with Hannah. Despite Hannah’s rejection of her parents’ counsel and her subsequent move out of their home to pursue a life of immorality, Steve’s email accurately records that he and Pastor Chuck were attempting to graciously meet with her and reason over the Scriptures for her blessing. That is Biblical parenting and Biblical pastoring. Pastor Chuck stands by every step and every word of Biblical counsel. Why doesn’t Julie Anne stand by every step and every word of the counsel? That’s easy enough to answer. It’s because she left the faith with her daughter.

Julie Anne’s blog continues:

JAS -Hanna lies 4

Julie Anne says that Pastor O’Neal didn’t even care to ask about Hannah, that he didn’t offer to go meet with her, and that he abandoned her. The truth is in Steve’s email, and his email clearly shows Julie Anne’s blog, The Lingering Pain of Spiritual Abuse, to be a bold lie. This has long been Julie Anne’s method of slander. Twist the truth, or simply make things up. The truth is that the Smith family arrived at BGBC with many family struggles, conflicts, tears, etc. and at their request the pastor spent many hours loving them, hearing them, counseling them, and praying for them. The truth is that Pastor Chuck went to some lengths to attempt to rescue Hannah from shipwrecking her faith. He met with Hannah; he met with Jon; he offered and sought to meet with Hannah after she left her home; and he was willing to do yet more. Steve’s email reveals the truth and establishes that Julie Anne has once again lied about her and her family’s victimization by an uncaring and calloused pastor.

Julie Anne continues:

JAS -Hanna lies 6With bold, lying, heart gripping words, Julie Anne lays the blame for Hannah’s spiritual demise solidly at the feet of a church that Julie Anne describes as a “hell hole of spiritual destruction.” Julie Anne’s explanation for Hannah’s departure from her home is that she had to leave home in “order to get some peace and emotional safety” from the pressure Ken Ham picand “spiritual abuse” she was experiencing at the church that was a “hell hole of spiritual destruction.” Dramatic nonsense and bold lies. You mean it wasn’t Ken Ham’s Young Earth Creation position that made your daughter deny the faith? Julie Anne’s getting her lies mixed up again. In a shocking display of tearing down her own house, Julie Anne actually celebrates her daughter’s “spiritual destruction” as “Hannah’s strength in leaving home/church” and as the saving grace that rescued Julie Anne and the rest of the family from “that hell hole of spiritual destruction.” Lie, built upon lie, built upon lie -graduating to madness. Even more tragic than Hannah denying the faith and everything her parents taught her as a child, is that her own mother makes her rejection of Christ and sinful rebellion an act of “strength” and heroism. Julie Anne is tearing down her house with her own hands.

Then the gloves come off and the lies roll fluently off her keyboard:

JAS -Hanna lies 7

Julie Anne saved the full on drama and wildly inflammatory speech for last. “Spiritually beaten?” “Kids are being robbed?” “Told church members to shun those who do not believe like they do?” Once again, complete nonsense. Out of 16 years of pastoral ministry there’s just one group under church discipline; a group made up of those that have attacked Christ’s Church and the ministry of the Gospel with relentless slander, those who have assaulted Christian families with lying criminal accusations meant to tear them apart, and those who willfully and knowingly fellowship with them despite their historic and ongoing reviling. Julie Anne knows that it is her and anyone that gets infected with her slanderous poison that we can’t and won’t have anything to do with, for the protection of Christ’s church, the ministry of the Gospel, and our families. Julie Anne feigns shock that she and her friends criminalize a church with “abuse” slander and the members of the church don’t want to chat with them at the grocery store, have them over for coffee, or be Facebook friends.

Julie Anne, ever playing her victim card, closes her fallacious account with one more sympathy engendering line:

JAS -Hannah blog final lieRegarding her emotional “time of year,” notice the date on Julie Anne’s following “selfie” tweet, it’s from January 3rd, 2013. The tweet does not evidence a woman still “Suffering the Lingering Pain of Spiritual Abuse” after 6 long years every January. No, it evidences a woman who is wild eyed, obsessed, unstable, and giddy with the thrill of 6 long years of her destructive “abuse” slander of a Gospel ministering Church, a Gospel preaching pastor, and precious Christian families. 6 years later she’s still showing up outside of the church snapping #sillyme selfies in the dark:

Think about all the tear jerking, heart rending words about the "abuse" Julie Anne, her daughter, and her family supposedly suffered at this "hell hole" of a church.

Drama, drama, drama…dramatization of victimhood, all designed to gain sympathy for her and her cause. Consider all of Julie Anne’s heart rending words “I type, I cry, I type and I cry,” about the “abuse” she, her daughter, and her family supposedly suffered at this “hell hole” of a church until that fateful January, and yet here she is on January 3rd, outside of BGBC at night, with a crazed smile, having fun, taking a “selfie,” and then bragging on twitter, complete with a light hearted hashtag “#sillyme.” Julie Anne is not a beaten down victim, she’s a bold slanderer. May the Lord grant Julie Anne Smith and her daughter Hannah repentance and saving faith. The rest of this blog will show you just how badly they need it.

Julie Anne Smith is tearing down her own house. These next five comments (seen below) from Julie Anne Smith’s blog reveal the moral, temporal, and eternal consequences of Julie Anne’s attack on her own household. house torn downJulie Anne and her daughter Hannah labor together to undermine the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Julie Anne and her daughter Hannah encourage a young woman to keep fighting her soul damning, life destroying fight for freedom to pursue a life of lesbian perversion against her Christian parents’ teaching and her Creator’s clear command and design. In the blog comments below you won’t see a Christian mother graciously fighting for the soul of her daughter and for the soul of a young lesbian woman that recently threw off her profession of faith. Not by a long shot! What you’ll see in the comments below is an apostate mother and an apostate daughter actively laboring together to tear down their own house and another woman’s house…and you’ll see that they’re clearly having a soul damning success:

trembling courage gay gal 1
TremblingCourage is a great example of what Julie Anne Smith and her blogging partner R.L. Stollar call “abuse.” If Bible believing parents, or a pastor, or a church try to rescue a young woman like tremblingcourage through Biblical counsel and accountability…it’s called “spiritual abuse,” or just plain old “abuse” depending on the day. Then they begin a campaign on the World Wide Web to bring destruction upon the family, pastor, and/or church.
trembling courage gay gal 2
*NOTE: Above, Phoenixtatgirl (Julie Anne Smith’s apostate daughter) is encouraging another apostate rebellious daughter to press on in her soul damning LGBT apostasy, and lamenting that her father (Steve Smith) is blocked from all her social media, because of “the hurt he still causes” in that he hasn’t adjusted his views (apostasized) like her and her mother yet. Dad is made the bad guy, the “spiritual abuser,” because he won’t go with the apostate flow. Tragedy upon tragedy. An apostate daughter encouraging another apostate daughter to continue in apostasy, while hoping dad will one day be apostate too. Hannah says that her mother has “adjusted her views.” Julie Anne has joined her daughter in apostasy. Hannah says she doesn’t know if her “father will adjust his views.” Steve has not joined his daughter in apostasy, his relationship with his daughter is negatively affected, and he’s cut off from Hannah’s social media. Hannah goes on to give some friendly, parental relationship ending, soul damning advice to the young woman who has renounced her faith and embraced lesbian sin: “Keep those ties open as long as you can, but don’t be afraid to close them (temporarily or permanently) if you need to. The important thing is YOU…You’re the bigger and better person now. You are strong, and keep fighting for it. Keep it up!” Hannah says that, and Julie Anne follows her daughter’s apostate lead a few comments below.
trembling courage gay gal 5
This lost lesbian girl just got helped down the merry way to Hell by an apostate mother/daughter blogger team. She’s so thankful for the encouragement she received to continue on a path of destruction. She can only hope that her brothers and sisters will join her one day. Julie Anne served as an enemy of her own daughter’s soul. Julie Anne partnered with her daughter as an enemy of this young woman’s soul.

trembling courage gay gal 3

trembling courage gay gal 4
Julie Anne doesn’t express the slightest concern for this young woman’s soul. Not an ounce of Biblical truth regarding her sin and rebellion. Not a pinch of Gospel. Not a drop of genuine love from Julie Anne to this young woman, who has denied Christ, rebelled against everything her Christian parents taught her, and embraced a life of lesbian perversion. Not a word to counter the appalling counsel that Hannah gave her. In fact, Julie Anne encourages her to keep on going down her road of destruction, saying, “I like the ‘courage’ in your user ID.” What courage? Courage to defy God. Courage to defy the Word of God. Courage to defy her Christian parents. Courage to embrace sexual perversion. Courage to throw off any relationship that hinders your free expression sinful of desire.

Julie Anne Smith’s blog posts and tweets regarding her daughter’s departure from the faith are bold lies designed to harm Pastor Chuck O’Neal, Beaverton Grace Bible Church, and their ministry of the Gospel. There is no one Julie Anne Smith isn’t willing to use or lie about in order to sell her “abuse” narrative…not even her own daughter. Julie Anne Smith is using her daughter to establish legitimacy and win sympathy as a victim of “spiritual abuse” in order to advance her assault on Biblical Christianity. Julie Anne Smith isn’t content tearing down her own house, she wants to tear down every Biblical household, she wants to tear down God’s house. Julie Anne Smith is an apostate enemy of Christ’s Church and Gospel. May the Lord grant her repentance. May the Lord rescue Hannah from her own apostasy and from her mother’s.

You just can’t describe Julie Anne’s lying account of Hannah’s departure from the faith and her parents’ home any better than her blog partners below:

Defamatin and slander defined by Dee and RL Stollar


Mother of a Developmentally Handicapped, Autistic Boy Rebukes Her Accuser

Julie Anne Smith

One of Julie Anne Smith’s favorite slanders against Beaverton Grace Bible Church is regarding a physically and developmentally handicapped, autistic boy. Julie Anne and her partner in slander, Meaghan Varela, have used this autistic boy and this family as the chief weapon of their criminal slander against BGBC for many years.

Julie Anne has often made claims about someone who was “tried, convicted, and sentenced time” as if there was a 50 year old man preying on children and nobody cared enough to stop him. The actual truth is, an eighty pound, Clifford the Big Red Dog watching, physically and mentally developmentally handicapped, autistic boy, with the intellect of about an eight year old, was “tried, convicted, and sentenced time.” A far cry from the picture that Julie Anne has painted on the World Wide Web.

Why was the boy actually “tried, convicted, and sentenced time?” The actual truth is, Julie Anne’s partner in slander, Meaghan Varela, accomplished that feat with a report to the DHS (child protection) full of deliberate lies meant to destroy the pastor and church that fired their friend (see Defending Mothers, Children, and the Church Through Legal Means). Meaghan Varela and Julie Anne Smith use/d this autistic boy and his family in a vindictive attempt to harm the pastor and church that fired their friend. This family and their handicapped son’s tragic situation is not a point of our guilt or shame; the guilt and shame is Meaghan Varela and Julie Anne Smith’s for their vicious attack on this family, this autistic boy, and a local church.

Below, the mother of the boy responds to Julie Anne Smith and Meaghan Varela’s relentless internet slander:

FROM: The mother of an autistic, developmentally handicapped son

TO: Julie Anne Smith, their constant accuser

Julie Anne,

Here we are again being victimized by you and your cronies!! And for what? So you can settle a score. Shame on you!! Why are you “us[ing] a family who has suffered much for your defense?” It is you and Meaghan Varela that have used and abused our family in your initial offense and your ongoing defense.

Regarding the charges against our oldest son (who at the time was 15 yrs. old, with the mentality of an 8 yr. old) all measure 11 charges were dropped! He was convicted of “Attempted” allegations, because there wasn’t any real evidence to the contrary. While under duress he was coerced into confessing things he did not do. He was not allowed any legal representation, he was not read his rights, nor did he know he had any rights. Two armed police officers and a DHS case worker interrogated him. We (his parents) were not even allowed to be in the room while they were questioning him. They questioned our other children in the same manner as well. Their testimonies, their physicals, and their psychological evaluations all contradicted our oldest son’s coerced confession. You and Meaghan Varela know what kind of boy he was. He would have confessed to robbing the bank up the street if two armed police officers and a DHS case worker told him/suggested/coerced him to confess and told him it would go better for him if he just admitted what he had done.

You have no idea of the torment, of the threat of all our children being taken away from us, sleepless nights, and tears we have gone through in our family because of Meaghan Varela’s false report made to DHS/CPS.

You have continually lied about my son on your blog, making him out to be some kind of monster, perverted, sexual child molester. Like comparing him to that old man being arrested (picture on your blog site).

My children and I are tired of being relentlessly assaulted by you on your blog and all over the world wide web. Stop lying!! Your sin has found you out!!