Julie Anne Smith Maligns John MacArthur & Grace Community Church

Julie Anne Smith is an enemy of all things and people that are Biblical. Thus, it’s not a shock to find her riling up her antinomian, atheist, LGBT friends and followers with an article critical of Pastor John MacArthur’s Biblical, timely, and excellent counsel on how to deal with a child that announces he or she is LGBT. After riling up her friends, she posted a series of their slanderous comments on her blog. The worst of the bunch accused Pastor MacArthur of  teaching Gnosticism, lying about God’s word, outright blaspheming God’s word, and then goes on to say: “Which is worse Mr. MacArthur, being a homosexual or one who lies about God’s Word? Your arrogance is disgusting.” The comment ends with a disturbing bang, stating that Pastor MacArthur will be handed over to Satan, and that the “smirk” will be removed from his face on Judgment Day:

JAS -John MacArthur having smirk on face wiped off on judgment day

Later, in the same series of comments, Julie Anne jumps from Pastor MacArthur’s counsel on how parents should deal with children who “come out” as LGBT, to the tragic suicide death of Kenneth Nally, and the subsequent lawsuit against Grace Community Church. This is how Julie Anne works:

JAS -John MacArthur suicide 2

Here, Julie Anne lays blame for Kenneth Nally’s suicide squarely at Pastor MacArthur’s feet, asking one reader if he was “aware of the young man who committed suicide under JMac’s watch…?”

JAS -John MacArthur suicide

In another article on her blog, Julie Anne maligned the Shepherds’ Conference, Pastor John MacArthur, and Grace Community Church in one fell swoop. Following her slanderous lead, her friends and followers poured it on in her blog comments. Julie Anne posted a particularly ugly comment from someone by the name of Larry. The comment is highly critical of Phil Johnson (head of Grace to You & a GCC elder), and grossly disparages GCC and the Shepherds’ Conference with a disgusting allusion to John MacArthur being a pile of poop and the conference attenders being flies attracted to the poop . This is the kind of filth Julie Anne takes great delight in putting on the World Wide Web: “Nonetheless, Johnny Mac is responsible, IMO, for the idiots who flock towards him. Flies are attracted to poop.”

JAS -JM poop that fies are attracted to

I’ve been blessed to take a group of men to the Shepherds’ Conference for the last 15 years. I’ve been blessed to take both of my sons. Pastor MacArthur is the Charles Spurgeon of our day. The conference is the finest and most edifying pastor’s conference on the planet. The loving hospitality of GCC is unsurpassed. The Biblical preaching and teaching are ministry and life transforming. The worship is soul stirring. And Julie Anne Smith posts this comment describing the men who attend the conference as flies and Pastor John MacArthur as poop. Her blogs and twitter feed are full of these kinds of disparaging, slanderous remarks. She labors long and hard, using up her precious life, maligning Biblical churches, ministries, and men across the United States. May the Lord grant her repentance and saving faith.